It can be an uncomfortable feeling to walk in to a new church, so we want you to know a few things up front:
1.  Everyone is welcome.
2. There is no set dress code. Come in jeans and a t-shirt, a suit and tie or something in between.
3. Children are welcome in the service. It is the family’s choice on whether or not the children listen to the sermon or attend a class for their age.
4. Worship is free, with the ability for worshippers to stand, sit at their seat or kneel at the altar.
5. A variety of songs, old and new, are used during the service is usually accompanied by guitar, drums and keyboard.
Our goal for your visit is to provide you with an opportunity to have an encounter with the Living God and an opportunity to meet someone new.  We hope you will come worship with us! 
Our building is located in Lake County in Tavares, Florida at the corner of David Walker Drive and Dora Road